Who We Are

Wade’s House Moving and Heavy Hauling is a family owned and operated business with over 7 decades of heavy hauling, and structural moving experience. Wade’s House Moving and Heavy Hauling owners are second generation movers that were taught everything from their late father, Joe Kerner. Joe owned and operated “Kerner’s House Moving and Heavy Hauling” that was based out of Southern Alberta from 1950 through 2002.

Today, the business is owned and operated by Joe’s children. Joe’s son Wade Kerner and his wife Cathy, Jaylene LaRose (Joe’s daughter) and her husband Randy LaRose. The operation site supervisors are run by Joe’s other two sons Kelly and Ron Kerner alongside Kevin Wipf who has also been part of the Kerner family for many years.

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Our Associates

Western Canada Association of Structural Movers

International Association of Structural Movers


The Alberta Building Movers Association